Dr Chantel Burnison – Creator of the Ethocyn Skin Care Product Line



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In 1982, she merged with Interferon Pharmaceutical Company and named the new company Chantal Pharmaceutical Corporation. Chantal owned 78 percent of the stock at the time. Until Dr. Burnison came to the scene, Skin care products (with their low production costs and high gross margins) where potentially profitable – but the special ingredient Ethocyn (one of Dr. Burnison’s greatest discoveries) costs a lot to produce and Ethocyn based products were being sold at high price tags. Commercial ads and reviews for Ethocyn describe Chantal as responsible for having “found the molecule which will help reverse the visible effects of aging skin.” Back in 1985, she gathered the Chantal Ethocyn Skin Treatment lineup, which comprised ethocyn character, ethocyn hydrating complex moisturizer, eye cream, ethocyn hand and body lotion, gel cleaner, and revitalizing masque.

Since acne is the most common skin ailment and individuals of all ages and ethnicities get eczema, Dr. Chantal Burnison was attempting to discover a remedy to acne and assist countless people all around the world. She’d understood that acne is mainly the consequence of excess skin oil made by the linkup between DHT (dihydrotestosterone-androgen hormon) and chemical compounds. After a long time of study, she eventually found her main discovery – Cyoctol – an antiandrogen, a DHT inhibitor. 1 kind of Cyoctol is that the Ethocyn.

Ethocyn is also a non invasive anti-androgen DHT inhibitor, which has been clinically shown as an Elastin restorer. While maybe not succeeding in finding a remedy for acne, Dr. Chantal nevertheless achieved her noble aim: helping as many people as you can feel and look better by improving their skin look with Ethocyn items like Ethocyn Essence. The Ethocyn products assist individuals to reduce the look of wrinkles, wrinkles and sagging skin – by actually restoring Elastin fibers, which can be responsible for extending and flexing our

. Those merchandise users are thankful to Chantal Ethocyn goods and I believe that people will need to understand who Dr.Chantal Burnison is, and also what a wonderful ingredient she found.

Today, Dr. Chantal Burnison is among the spokespersons and she’s on the scientific advisory board members for Nu Skin Inc.. She serves on the Board of Directors to many different businesses; both public and private. Chantal consults as a biomedical analyst for many investment banking associations and she’s also an analyst consultant to business and investment bankers concerning design of preclinical toxicology, pharmacology, pharmacokinetic clinical trials for medication processing for US FDA, Swiss IKS and German GBA regulatory agencies. She’s also a guest speaker in Biotechnology conventions and Cosmetic Industry conventions all over the globe.



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